Scout: The New Way to Find the Best Search Firm Recruiter

Posted: 07/13/2017

Ken Lazarus, CEO of Scout, spoke at the CHRO Exchange about a better way for companies to recruit. 

Scout is a dynamic and fast-growing software company that has reinvented talent acquisition. Their innovative, cloud-based recruitment platform integrates easy-to-use search firm management and the world’s largest online recruitment marketplace.

“At Scout, we value creating high customer satisfaction and an excellent product experience as well as great teamwork and delivering on commitments,” said Patricia Manos, Alliance Manager at Scout. “We also are dedicated to using data, technology, and innovation to relentlessly improve recruiting, enabling everyone to find the best – recruiter, employee and job.”

Scout helps companies reduce spending, cut time to hire, track and monitor all agency engagement, eradicate contract bottlenecking, and automate various aspects of the process, according to Manos.

“Scout found the right agencies to work on my positions,” said Nick Pantano, Corporate Recruiter, Industrial Scientific Corp. “Our hard to fill positions were perfect for Scout; it increased our reach to new candidates and cut our time to hire drastically. I think Scout is fantastic.”