Hit The Ground Running: A Manual for New Leaders

Hit The Ground Running: A Manual for New Leaders, is Jason Jennings brand new book from Portfolio, the business imprint of Penguin Group.

The book profiles and reveals the tactics and strategies of the American CEOs who've created the greatest amount of economic value since the year 2000. Companies and CEO's profiled include: JM Smucker, Harris Corporation, Mohawk Industries, Humana, Goodrich, Hanover Insurance, Allegheny Technologies, Staples and Questar.

Jennings and his research team spent nearly three years identifying the companies and interviewing their CEOs. Jennings says that as they studied the CEOs and companies three things became obvious:
  • All of the CEOs produced results fast.
    They didn’t dawdle around for an eternity before making things happen. They truly hit the ground running.
  • Each is guided by rules that defy conventional thinking.
    While they were able to diagnose underperformance quickly, stop any bleeding, build a plan, get buy-in and implement needed changes fast – their rules were different than those we’ve been told are the best practices of an aggressive, tough-minded, high achieving executive.
  • They make everyone proud.
  • What each CEO did and the rules they used to do it were right for investors, right for employees, right for the community, right for the short run and right for the long run. They didn’t need any spin or any "the ends justify the means" rationalizations.