Walk & Talk with John Whitaker Posts

John Whitaker is the VP of Talent Acquisition for DentalOne Partners. His one-on-one with team members often include a short walk rather than staying in an office setting. In this column, Whitaker takes a similar approach as he writes about talent acquisition-related issues and hot topics in the HR space.
The Learning Curve
Published: 2020-01-21
Cutting funding to learning and development hasn’t paid off and is very risky. HR Exchange Network contributor John Whitaker takes an analytical approach to explaining why.
Attitude is Everything to a Team
Published: 2019-09-20
A positive attitude is the currency of the realm when dealing with teams. How five trips to McDonald’s in one week taught HR Exchange Network columnist John Whitaker this lesson.
In a time of historically low unemployment, workers are leaving at a quicker pace & doing so at their own behest. But why? HR Exchange Network columnist John Whitaker has the answer.
We're All Millennials
Published: 2019-06-25
Millennials…has there ever been a generation that has taken it in the shorts more often than these guys and girls? Contributor John Whitaker says it's time we all recognize we're millennials.
Talent Acquisition needs a game changer and it needs it now. Columnist John Whitaker takes a look at what TA needs to do to make the change in his newest series starting with the candidate experience.
Women: Hear Me Roar
Published: 2019-01-29
6 months removed from the #MeToo movement and men just don’t get it. DentalOne partners John Whitaker explains how men can better support women in HR and the workplace.