We're All Millennials

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John Whitaker

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Oh those pesky Millennials…has there ever been a generation that has taken it in the shorts more often than these guys and girls?

Sure, GenX spawned Bret Easton Ellis, grunge rock, made “latch-key kids” the norm and made Boomers shake their heads at the collective cynicism and lack of decorum displayed by America’s first technologically advanced generation; but Millennials? Just so damn annoying, right? Gimme, gimme, gimme. Ingrates. Selfish. Whiny.


U.S. Representaive Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is often considered the Patron Saint of Millennials - Courtesy:  U.S. House of Representatives

“I want a purpose.” “I want a promotion.” “I want a raise,” “I want flexibility”…and that’s not always enough; quoting the great Eddie Murphy, “what have you done for me lately?” Bless their little selfie-taking hearts.

Well, based on the title of this piece, you know what’s coming. We’ve all become Millennials. Don’t @ me, just hang with me for a minute.

It’s been a learning process for the GenX’ers (and Boomers) in the workforce. And we’ve learned it well.

My first post in this series, “Candidate Experience – ENOUGH ALREADY!”, shows how adept we’ve become at this self-focused mindset:

  • Turnover is increasing
    • Voluntary turnover accounts for 70% of all turnover
    • 50% of voluntary turnover occurs in Year 1
    • 40% of voluntary turnover occurs in the first six months
  • Tenure is decreasing
    • In 2014, average tenure was 4.6 years
    • In 2019, average tenure is 3.2 years

In a time of unprecedented employment (more open positions than unemployed workers), we are leaving jobs at a higher rate, in a shorter timeframe, and doing so by our own volition. So Mr. Employer, if you can’t pay me? If you can’t develop me? Promote me? Be flexible with me?

Later, tater.

The offshoot is an empowered workforce with options and an itchy trigger finger. For the “now” needs of employees, it’s a great scenario. For corporate America, not so much.

Think about the impact this will have if the same dynamic perpetuates: Our corporate culture, corporate leadership, succession planning, and overall profitability. (It’s almost as if I’m setting up my next piece in the series….)

And, there it is…Next: “Arrested Development”