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Rhonda Hall To Take Part in HR and Future of Work Panel Discussion

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The HR Exchange Network is gearing up for its next online event:  HR and Future of Work.  Scheduled for March 24 and 25, the event promises to engage human resources professionals in conversation about the topics that fall under the future of work umbrella.

Some of those include:

  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • HR Automation
  • Employee Experience
  • Future-Proofing Skills
  • Meaningful Work

Another area the event will cover is employee burnout.  The issue will be a topic of discussion for panelists on March 25 at 3p EST.  Panelists include:

Vishal Bhalla

Chief Experience Officer

Parkland Health and Hospital System

Rhonda Hall

Vice President of Human Resources & Organizational Development

University Federal Credit Union

HR Exchange Network editor Mason Stevenson interviewed Hall on the future of work and the panel.

Employee Burnout

Mason Stevenson

When thinking about the future of work, what excites you most?

Rhonda Hall

Um…. it excites me like a Double Black Diamond ski run… scary, yet exciting.  I also think about how much of a seat at the table HR now has…and do we know how to fill it.  I see more and more of the business asking us to be there, with them on your journeys yet there is only so much of “us” to go around. I also wonder how do we help lead the strategy of the business while keeping the lights on?

Mason Stevenson

Same question as before, but with a different spin:  what concerns you most?

Rhonda Hall

The talent shortage.  How do we go about finding highly qualified people in this economy, people who are willing to leave what they have and join us? I work for a small company (only 700 people), in a market where talent is highly competitive. How will we help people believe us when we tell them that we have a People First culture?

Mason Stevenson

Thinking about that challenge, what solution or strategy should HR deploy to address the issue?

Rhonda Hall

We have to keep employee engagement scores high.  We also need to be known in our local community specifically as a “Best Places to Work”.  Not only that, but we need to keep the talent we have through increasing our internal promotion.  Having said that thought, we are all ready at 50%, so I’m not sure that I’d want to get that above 60%!

Mason Stevenson

Give me a 36,000 ft. view of the employee burnout panel.  What do you hope to accomplish?

Rhonda Hall

I would like to engage my peers in a dialogue around Emotional Fatigue and Burnout in HR staff. I’m seeing my folks starting to show signs and symptoms, and I’m working specifically on them to ensure that we are caring for the caretaker. If our HR folks can’t handle the emotional stress, how can we be there to support employees having the same symptoms?

With the expectations of HR continuing to raise, for them to be seen at the table/behave at the table, we need to be growing them in-house to be ready for the HR Business Partner role, and help them make the leaps to get there….all while keeping them sane!

For the audience, I’d love discuss tips, tools, techniques for how to proactive handle, and/or turn around Emotional Fatigue.

Mason Stevenson

What do you hope audience members will take away from the discussion?

Rhonda Hall

They will be inspired to check in with their people, to take the time to express gratitude – deeply in a meaningful way.

Mason Stevenson

What attracted you to joining the speaking faculty for the HR Exchange Network’s HR and Future of Work online event?

Rhonda Hall

In the past, I’ve found nuggets of gold in every discussion I have with other HR and OD professionals and if I can share some of that wealth, I would love to do that!

Mason Stevenson

What’s one piece of advice you’d give every HR professional when dealing with future of work topics?

Rhonda Hall

Be patient with yourself and those HR people around you. Be willing to go slow, to go fast. Be ready to pivot fast, recognize that failure is a good thing, and keep the ship pointed in the right direction. Do the essential things flawlessly before you attempt to play in the strategic area.

Mason Stevenson

Piece of advice you’d give a new or aspiring HR professional?

Rhonda Hall

Don’t look at your next role, focus on how to squeeze every single ounce of knowledge and experience out of your current role. The next role will find you when you are doing your current role exceptionally well.

Final Words

Hall will be participating as a panelist in the HR Exchange Network’s HR and Future of Work online event.  To see who else is speaking at the event, the view the agenda or to register, click the link below.


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