HR News Beat: Naming Sexual Harassment Culprits

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Publically naming and shaming those banned for sexual harassment is going to become the norm for one insurance company.  In Oregon, the state legislature’s HR chief retires and agrees not to sue over allegedly downplaying reports of sexual harassment.  And Hire by Google integrates with another company for easier hiring and onboarding.

HR News Beat

Insurance Company to Name Sexual Harassment Culprits

Insurance company Lloyd’s of London CEO John Neal says the company will “publicly name and shame anyone it bans from its insurance market for sexual harassment.”  Neal was responding to a Bloomberg Businessweek article that reported a culture of sexual misconduct in the London insurance market.  The article specifically focused on 18 women who described an atmosphere of “near-persistent harassment.” Neal said, “We have got to ensure that everybody, whether it’s a woman or a man, should feel safe at any time of day doing anything that’s associated with the Lloyd’s market. I’m determined that will be the case.”  Read more here.

Download:  A Guide for HR and Sexual Harassment

Former Oregon Capitol HR Chief Agrees Not to Sue over Sexual Harassment Controversy

Lore Christopher, the former human resources chief for the Oregon Legislature, has retired but will continue to work from home until September 2019.  The deal, which includes a provision that will stop Christopher from suing the state, was reached after the state’s labor bureau says Christopher and other Capitol officials downplayed reports of sexual harassment.  Christopher will stay on as HR director until the state finds her replacement.  If that happens before her successor is found, she will then become a special projects coordinator.  Until her retirement, Christopher will make $12,000 a month.  Click here for more.


Hire by Google Integrates with Appogee HR

Hire by Google says it will integrate its systems with Appogee HR.  Google says the move will help employers fill positions by making hiring and onboarding new employee easier.  According to a press release, the “integration allows G Suite customers to seamlessly use their workflow for the full process of taking on new employees.”