HR in Today's Turbulent Economy

Katherine Mehr

During the past few weeks there has been a lot activity with the U.S. financial market. Quite a few financial management and investment banks have merged with other organizations and/or have been bought out. The Dow has dropped precipitously. We watched as the $700 billion bailout plan was rejected, renegotiated, repackaged and approved as the $700 billion rescue plan. And we are witnessing people becoming more and more unsure about what the economic future holds. Across the world, the credit crisis is forcing employers to reevaluate their plans.

e-BIM’s editor Katherine Mehr speaks with a panel of human resource professionals on how HR is affected by the current economic situation and what can be done to ride out the storm.

e-BIM’s panelists include:

Kris Dunn, Vice President of SourceMedical
Jason Lauritsen, Vice President of West Asset Management
Fred K. Foulkes, HR expert and Professor of Organizational Behavior, Boston University School of Management
Mel Kleiman, Founder of HUMETRICS