Preventative Care Measures For Proactive Disease Reduction

Posted: 10/21/2010

Companies are struggling to find innovative programs that spotlight the positive side of lifestyle and behavioral changes while managing their costs. In parallel, prevention programs are starting to expand beyond their traditional niche of early disease detection and the avoidance of complications of chronic disease. While these traditional elements are important and useful, they will no longer be enough to stem the tide of rising costs and lost productivity.

In this presentation, recorded at IQPC's 2nd Corporate Health & Wellness Summit, in Chicago, in June 2010, Dr. Dexter Shurney, MD, MBA, MPH, Medical Director, Employee Healthcare Plan Vanderbilt University and Medical Center/Benefits Administration, discusses how to:

Use wellness programs to treat the root cause of illness

Develop initiatives that strive to reverse the disease process within the employee population

Balance developing programs that enhance health while reducing the bottom line