Five Ways to Manage the Rising Costs of Benefits

Posted: 08/13/2009
A robust benefits package can be the difference between a talented superstar choosing to work with you versus a larger, more established competitor. But with the cost of benefits rising each year, providing a benefits package that helps you attract, retain and motivate talented people gets harder all the time.

With knowledge and planning, you can create a win-win situation for yourself and your employees. You can use benefits to meet the needs of your workforce and successfully compete for top talent.

As a business owner, it’s important to be aware of the ways you can manage costs and attract top hires, including:

• Finding a benefits package that’s tailored for your specific industry
• Encouraging consumerism among your employees to help save money
• Taking advantage of technology to keep a lid on administrative costs
• Promoting health and wellness programs to help prevent heavy benefits usage
• Preparing for the coming healthcare storm

Of course, there’s no requirement to provide a good benefits package, but if your company doesn’t offer one, top-flight talent may head for the door. Making an effort to understand the choices and communicating them clearly to your employees is a good first step in keeping costs under control and getting a better return on the money you invest in benefits.
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Posted: 08/13/2009