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Learning & Talent Development
Contributor: IQPC Exchange
Posted: 01/20/2016
Is your Learning and Development Strategy Future-Proof?
IQPC's 5th Annual Chief Learning Officer Exchange is coming up in April. 2016's spring edition will focus on imperatives to ensure your L&D strategy is future-proof. Full Article »
Contributor: Leah Williams
Posted: 05/22/2017
As Vice President of Training & Development at UnitedHealth Group, Deborah Wiest makes it her priority to o build a learning culture, ensure that training was effective and new ways to measure behavior change. Full Video »
Contributor: Shawn Siegel
Posted: 06/23/2013
podcast hr today
Jason Jones, Director of Executive Development, AT&T University, shares his theories about employee motivation and unleashing the power of a workforce. Jason discusses why extrinsic motivation does not exist as well as his thoughts on Corporate America's biggest failing when it comes to engaging employees. Jason will be speaking at the Next Full Podcast »
Contributor: William Cohen, Ph.D.
Posted: 03/17/2017
William Cohen, Ph.D.
Millions worldwide have heard the name Peter Drucker. Peter Drucker was the most famous management thinker over the last hundred years, and perhaps of all time. However, Drucker could easily have qualified as a self-help and motivational guru. Drucker not only believed in and taught self-development, but he practiced the methods he developed ( Full Column »
Posted: 07/30/2014
The Five Faces Your Managers See During Performance Reviews
Uncover the five most challenging ‘faces’ or ‘masks’ that managers encounter during difficult performance conversations. Get actionable coaching tips to pass to your managers on navigating employee objections and achieving high performance results. Full Whitepaper »