WEBINAR: Successful Strategies to Develop Your Top Talent by HR Performance Solutions

Who is more powerful, the employee or the employer?  It depends on who you ask and how you ask the question.  For some, the answer is clear.  The power, once harnessed by employers, has shifted to the employees as they now have the choice to be selective for whom they work.

The HR Exchange Network and HR Performance Solutions are hosting a free webinar entitled Successful Strategies to Develop Your Top Talent.  It’s set for May 22nd at 2p EST.  Register for it here.

Leading up to the event, HR Exchange Network editor Mason Stevenson sat down with HR Performance Solutions consultant Jennifer Dickey to find out more about the online event.

This first question Stevenson asked was about the current state of employee engagement in the United States.  Dickey said it’s not low, but it’s not exactly high either.

“What we do know is that engagement, right now, is all about truly identifying how to respect your employee and the formula to master such a thing in such a competitive time, takes a unique work environment that truly understands, not only its people, but they need to understand data,” Dickey said.  “The competitive landscape that were in is vastly different than what it was six months ago, than what was one year ago.”

Dickey further explained the current landscape for engagement is more than employees just wanting a ping pong table for the breakroom.  

“They want to be fulfilled,” Dickey said.  “They want a job where they can contribute and they want to be respected.  It's all about creating the formula that's going to give them all of those things.”

How do you create that formula Dickey mentioned?  It’s all about the data a company already has and performance indicators.

“Every organization has some sort of data,” Dickey explained.  It comes from multiple sources such as HRAS systems, payroll systems, or recruiting systems.  “That data can unlock the equation of how your people want to be recognized, and how your employees can contribute, and how you can engage them in the things that matter most.”

The other piece, as indicated earlier, is performance indicators.

“You have to understand, first, what makes your organization successful,” Dickey said.  “Once you know that, you have to use performance indicators that align with organizational success.  That identifies who's doing it and who's not, so the people that are truly vested and your company's success are going to be your top performers.”

Once a company’s top performers are identified, Dickey said it’s about developing those individuals and engaging them further.

“It's a lot of work, “Dickey said.  “If you take the time and you actually do this, think of how successful your organization will be.  It's so beneficial.”

To hear more about developing talent and the strategies needed, attend the webinar entitled Successful Strategies to Develop Your Top Talent.  It’s set for May 22nd at 2p EST.  Register for free here.