Consolidating Multiple Technology Platforms To Bolster Learning Capabilities At Comcast Cable

Posted: 04/19/2011

Martha Soehren and her team at Comcast found that having a decentralized learning organization made it extremely challenging for learning to track its progress and more importantly, respond to the changing needs of the business. Consolidating onto one single platform brings many benefits – standardization, capabilities to deliver to a geographically dispersed audience, ability to reuse content and knowledge, ability to drive a more consistent learner and customer experience, and many more – but there are many challenges and problems they encountered on the journey. During this presentation, Martha will share her successes and lessons learned along the way to take the costly guesswork out of your own transformation implementation and consolidation.

1. Building the business case for consolidation and technology investment
2. Designing a strategy and tactics for successful implementation
3. Developing and executing an effective communication plan
4. Driving short and long term measures for success