Financial Agility: The Four Crucial Conversations for Uncertain Times

Posted: 08/16/2009

Some executives are ten times better at responding to financial crises. These leaders respond five times faster than others and find millions of dollars in savings that their peers never discover. Less agile firms can take months longer to respond and many never make the pivot. This agility gap has huge consequences for financial performance. Agile firms adjust on the run while staying the course; less agile firms end up in the ditch.

VITALSMARTS has studied more than two thousand executives from more than four hundred companies to find what differentiates the nimble from the rest. They have found a handful of crucial moments leaders face while responding to fiscal challenges that profoundly predict the quality and speed of their organization's response.

Ron McMillian, Co-Founder of VITALSMARTS discusses the four crucial conversations that result in financial agility.

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