Expanding & Integrating Global Shared Services: An Interview with MGM Resort's Melody Bittinger

Posted: 09/20/2015
When your brand hallmark is providing "the ultimate guest experience," constant innovation is a must.
As Vice President of Finance Shared Services Center at MGM Resorts International, it’s Melody Bittinger’s responsibility to drive such innovation across the company’s worldwide properties, while keeping a constant eye on the bottom line.
"It’s important for the Shared Services Center to show value," Bittinger explained. "We have the expertise and experience to bring in new technology, processes and ideas that can drive revenue or reduce costs throughout the company. If we remain stagnant, our value remains stagnant."
"We are the business partner that builds the business case, determines the need for technology and improvements and rolls out and measures the success of those projects. We look at the front of the house and drive change from the back of the house."
"For any new project, we determine the potential for profit or cost savings. Moving forward, we develop business requirements and measure the costs associated with the project and whether we are on track to achieve the savings or revenue that we were expecting."
Bittinger notes that her team has expanded to meet business demands. "Initially, we started with a Project team. We saw the Project team also needed to understand technology and data and so, we grew those skillsets. As the business need grew, the team grew."
"And, as we grew in one of those areas, we would break that off and establish a separate team for it," Bittinger exlained. "Our Data team broke off and is its own vertical now. The Project team continues to explore and find innovative new ways to improve processes for both the Center and the properties."