Bring real news to the employee newsletter

Larissa Faw

Corona Extra is the best selling imported beer in the U.S. with more than 100 million cases sold annually. It’s now outselling the nearest import competitor by almost 50 million cases. Select Comfort is introducing an anti-snoring mattress.

Are these facts interesting to you? Imagine what your employees would think if they were printed in your company newsletter. While in-depth business analysis is a snooze to most of us, as you can see from these headlines, business news can be exciting and energizing. So, instead of supporting hours of web-surfing by distracting employees, provide them with news they can enjoy reading while staying informed.

HR and communication departments recognize that company newsletters have become useless vehicles of employee interaction—whether in print or online. While it may be necessary to continue with these company "news" items, HR professionals can enhance the newsletter experience by sharing a bigger picture of the economy, trends, data on spending, savings, and even how your industry or product line fits in. By loading up newsletter content with real news, companies will wake up their workforce to the world of the C-Suite without requiring them to have that level of study. By adding the headlines to the requisite candid pics and date of the next branch opening , HR will make it easy for employees to stay informed, get curious and become even more interested in their own work environment.

What news is the right news?

While it may be necessary to continue with the stale but necessary company updates, finding the right news accompaniment should make the current content easier to digest. Be sure to offer a big picture of the economy, trends, data on spending, savings, trivia on popular companies, and, when possible news that ties in with your industry. The key is to bring news content that employees can understand and use.