Four Key Steps for Becoming an Employer of Choice and Establishing and Demonstrating ROI

Achieving status of an Employer of Choice drives organizational excellence and return on investment is realized through operational results and outcomes. Explicit strategies and tactics create a roadmap for success.

Victor Buzachero, as Corporate Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Scripps Health, has created a "great place to work" initiative that has not only cultivated a national reputation for excellent corporate culture, but has also demonstrated a strong ROI. In reaching that level of success, Buzachero recommends following these key steps:


Deliberate workforce tactics support and drive operational outcomes and flow from the strategic plan, the governance process, executive direction and operational oversight to assure value added for workforce initiative.


Integrated performance objectives with specific expectations, defined measures shared and debated through strategic, tactical and operational levels are communicated, incented, recognized and mitigated with action plans.



Well defined roles, messages and methods from the CEO through operational and support personnel integrate strategic initiatives to create a shared fate connection will engage staff and leadership.


Identification and development of leaders that perform at greater levels of effectiveness based upon outcomes transforms the organization and staff through extraordinary performance.

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