Introducing Alexandra Guadagno, Editor, Human Resources IQ

A note from Katherine Mehr, Managing Director, Human Resources IQ:

Human Resources IQ welcomes Alexandra Guadagno as HRIQ’s new Editor. Alexandra will be spearheading the Human Resources content through our multiple mediums such as articles, podcasts, columns and webinars, that we share with our HR professionals on a day-to-day basis.

Welcome, Alexandra. Can you please share with our members a little about yourself, and where you see your experiences helping to develop and grow Human Resources IQ

Before Human Resources IQ, I developed strategies and worked with frontline employees as a business manager at a retail fashion giant. From this experience, I developed an interest in working with HR professionals that I saw as playing an integral part in the organization’s success. While working as a journalist, I thrived on covering topics that affected people like myself and those I worked with, such as wage equality issues (or the business and tech stories that shaped economic climate and gave rise to these issues.) As the Editor of HRIQ, I'll approach HR insider news with the same zeal that will ensure that the most up to date trends are being examined and presented by an ever-growing pool of talented contributors.

How do you envision Human Resources IQ transforming over the next few months to a year?

Human Resources IQ has every potential to be the go-to portal for HR professionals. As the Internet has transformed into a highly personal and interactive part of our day-to-day, purveyors of news media have to adapt to its changing face. News consumption is an increasingly social exchange, and HR news is no exception. The readers of this portal should really have the opportunity to direct the conversation. HRIQ is here to supply the channels for inspiring communication, across which the most up-to-date information and poignant dialogue can flow.

What can HR professionals expect from Human Resources IQ during this expansion?

As the site grows increasingly participatory, it will offer HR professionals not just a valuable resource for knowledge sharing, but also opportunities to expand their real-life networks. We'll continue to produce a rich and diverse stream of editorial content. What you see will push those who stay abreast of the conversation to the forefront of their respective organizations. Readers should expect changes to the format of our frequent videos and podcasts. These changes will make them an efficient way for HR pros to share the ROI of human capital management with the people in their companies who are in charge of the decision-making.

Let’s switch gears. In your opinion, what about HR intrigues you the most and how can you bring your interests of HR and incorporate the HR issues in today’s marketplace to the forefront of Human Resources IQ?

I believe that HR is in its hey-day now that technological developments have freed its professionals to play a strategic role in the organization's corporate performance and focus on human capital management. As new technology roll outs take over the highly transactional former role of HR, the people-oriented aspect is flourishing with new ways to identify top performers and align them with an organization’s development plans. But we can’t view this transformation through rose-colored glasses -- these rapid changes to the face of the industry are bound to present new challenges as well. By making a concerted effort to stay ahead of the information curve, there's enormous potential for HR pros to mobilize their organizations' current resources and recruit valuable new ones.

I welcome any contributions from our readers. I want HR professionals to view HRIQ as their sounding board for the issues that affect their industry. Please feel free to get in touch with me with suggestions or feedback at