Under the Microscope: Sue Schaefer, Partner, JivaroCXO

What was your first job, and what did you take away from it?

My first job was as an enterprise salesperson of computer accessories. From this position, I took away two things: (1) You need to do what you love and believe in; and (2) diversity is the key any successful endeavor. By diversity I not only mean cultural/ethnic diversity, but also diversity of thought, experience, functional expertise.

What are some of the experiences you’ve had that have helped shape your vision?

When I led Marketing and Sales for a Fortune 100 company, I had to understand how to grow an organization from start-up to high growth and ultimately through an acquisition by a less-than-friendly company. In each of these phases, we were continually on the quest for sustainable competitive advantage. I’m convinced that the only source of sustainable competitive advantage is through human capital–understanding what you need and cultivating it through process, development and alignment.

What are your proudest contributions in the field of talent acquisition?

My proudest contribution are connecting a great executive with a great company where their cultural values are aligned, but their perspectives of the business are diverse enough that 1+1=5!

What is the most important thing recruiters should do to attract the best candidates?

The most important thing recruiters can do to attract the best candidates is to help the hiring managers identify expectations of a position and treat people with respect throughout the process.

How can HR professionals recognize top talent?

HR professionals can recognize top talent by understanding not only what has been achieved, by how results have been achieved by candidates and how that fits with how work gets done in your clients’ organizations.

What is the best way to integrate talent into a company?

I firmly believe it starts with understanding, alignment and communication of the expectations of the new employee as defined by the stakeholders of the new employee. As part of our recruiting services, we facilitate in our upfront due diligence throughout a 90-day onboarding process.

What do you do in your spare time?

Enjoy my family, friends and the outdoors!

Interview by Jessica Livingston, editor

*First published on e-BIM.