Why Talent Management?

Why Talent Management_coworkers huddled around a computer in an open office

Talent management continues to be one the top focuses for HR departments all over the world.  And that’s no surprise when you accept the amount of transformation that’s happening in the space.

The HR Exchange Network has spent a considerable amount of time on the topic.  In March of 2018, we released our report entitled The Transformation of Talent Management.  We’ve also authored and curated several articles on the subject as well including:

In addition, editor Mason Stevenson has analyzed and presented survey data gathered as part of his research toward the topic.  You can find his presentation below:


For those reasons, we have decided to launch a new free-to-attend online event -- HR Exchange LIVE:  Talent Management.  For two days in Decemver, the 11th and 12, we are provided a series of live webinars dedicated to the subject.  Speakers with years of experience in the field of HR and Talent Management will focus their presentations on specific parts of the strategy including retention, career development and talent acquisition.

For more information and to register for HR Exchange LIVE:  Talent Management, click here.