Build a Better B2B Business

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by David Shedd

How Does a Business Leader Win?

In today's complex world, the overwhelmed leader needs to tune out all the extraneous noise and excessive hype, and focus. Simplify and focus the business relentlessly on three fundamentals - doing the right thing, developing winning teamwork, and satisfying the right customers.

Alive with ideas, anecdotes, quotes and personal experiences (both the successes and the failures), Build a Better B2B Business vividly and candidly describes the Winning Leadership that will help you lead your company to success.

From the Author

Build a Better B2B Business
is all about focusing on the fundamentals to drive business success. I contend that in order to improve your business performance and be a successful business leader, you need to create a business culture and work environment in which you and every member of your organization believe, breathe, sweat and bleed:
  1. Do the Right Thing
  2. Winning Teamwork
  3. Customer Service
You may ask whether this is just another business leadership book. Yes, but with three twists:

First, as a Division President for 10 years, I have spent the time leading in the trenches and can relate the experiences and suggestions that my team and I have put into practice on the ground. I have "eaten my own dog food."

Second, I believe that stories are essential for effective leadership communication. As such, you will see plenty of real stories and anecdotes to illustrate the ideas and concepts.

Third, leaders are not perfect and neither am I. Throughout my career, I have both succeeded and failed. As someone who believes fervently in the value of candor and honesty, I will be telling you about the times and ways that I have succeeded and the occasions where I have failed.

In the end, the goal of the book is to give aspiring and current business leaders simple, concrete and doable ideas on how to focus on the fundamentals and build a better business."