How to Self-Destruct: Making the Least of What's Left of Your Career

Using reverse psychology, common sense and humor, author Jason Seiden exposes the challenges in the typical career path in a way that magically makes the real path to success stunningly clear and accessible:

You say, "I want to make it to the top!"

I say, "Why would you want that?"

That kind of success requires personal growth. Personal growth is difficult, stressful and risky. Put those adjectives in front of anything else and you'd run away as fast as you could!

How about an alternative form of success that requires no practice, no soul-searching, and no behavioral change whatsoever? One that's easy, stress-free, and virtually guaranteed? Sounds too good to be true? It's not!

It's called self-destruction, and you're probably already familiar with it. But do you know how to achieve it? Do you know how to succeed at self-destruction? With Jason Seiden's expert advice, you too can learn to:
  • Marginalize yourself at work, whether you're in an entry-level position or a swanky corner office
  • Promote mediocrity while squelching outstanding performance
  • Use technology to your disadvantage
  • Destroy old relationships and prevent new ones from forming
For safety's sake, the treatment of each topic also includes the little-known strategies of those misguided fools who still choose success, so you know what not to do.

How to Self-Destruct is a definitive collection of surefire, up-to-the-minute failure tactics that can bring you down from any height. Because when you set out to fail, you're guaranteed to win!