Say YES! To Change

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by Lawrence Polsky
Constant change. Ambiguity, fear and uncertainty. This is the new normal at work.

Say YES! to Change is packed with stories, tips and ideas to help you and your team stay motivated during change.

Learn from people like:

• Joe who used a children’s story to get resistant executives to buy into change
• Cheryl who was left a widower with $500,000 in debt and turned her life around
• Sheri who overcame harassment at work when she tried to make changes in her department
• Steve, a R&D Director at a high-tech company, who had to overcome animosity, mistrust and staff turnover after a merger to invent a new product
• Mitch, the CEO of a $100 M business, that handled an acquisition through patience, compassion and being rational
• Mr. Park, an executive in China, who rose above the closed roads, a blizzard and staff on vacation to deliver product to a new customer
• Mark, a technology manager who overcame severe resistance to change using a blog.
• And others....

Written by Lawrence Polsky, co-author of the bestselling business book Perfect Phrases for Communicating Change (McGraw-Hill). Lawrence, Managing Partner of PeopleNRG.