The Advantage-Makers

By Steven Feinberg

Published by the FT Press

Some leaders consistently see possibilities others miss. They learn more, learn faster, and transform their insights into breakaway strategies. They are more effective collaborators, more powerful influencers, better at handling adversity, and dramatically more successful at execution.

They are the Advantage-Makers.

Their winning skills are not innate: they are entirely teachable and learnable. Steven Feinberg has been teaching these skills to executives for more than twenty years: leaders who’ve gone on to transform their organizations.

Now, it’s your turn.

In this book, Feinberg helps you master every skill Advantage-Makers need. He doesn’t just exhort you to "think different": He shows you how. You’ll learn how to find the "commanding vantage point" in your situation, no matter how complex or dynamic...and use your high ground to spot and maximize every opportunity.
  • Shift the odds in your favor. Change focus to discover your next breakthrough solution.
  • Drive superior outcomes despite limited resources. Engage your constraints, and put them to work for you.
  • Grab hold of your hidden "levers of opportunity." Learn how to leverage timing, interaction, perception and structure.
  • Use dissatisfaction and skepticism constructively. Pinpoint the real difficulties then transform them into opportunities.
  • Avoid the "Laws of Defeat." Discover the surprising mistakes that keep leaders from succeeding.
"WARNING! Reading Steven Feinberg’s The Advantage-Makers will cause habitually inspired decision making. It reveals the accomplishments of extraordinary people who could see what others could not. Feinberg helps us demystify the secrets of inspirational decision making and makes us all realize we can be inspiring, too."
–MARV TSEU, Chairman of the Board, Plantronics

"The Advantage-Makers not only helps you avoid errors, it helps you see what is possible. This translates into moving the organization forward. You will be better by applying the know-how in this book."

"Whether you as a manager are trying to build a high-performing team of first-level managers or senior executives, you will find Dr. Feinberg’s tools and techniques intuitive and effective. The Advantage-Makers will get you started in the right direction."

"The Advantage-Makers will captivate your mental and intuitive processes. You will experience many ‘ahas’ and be elated to find within its pages real life help that can put you on the leading edge of organizational and personal thinking. You will receive an arsenal of profound leadership thoughts and an array of actionable ideas that you will continually refer to throughout your life."
–BILL FIELDS, President, Packaging Results, Inc.

"I count myself hard to impress. But I was highly impressed after reading several sections of The Advantage-Makers. The material offers a wealth of excellent information and advice, allowing readers to move from research-based evidence to decidedly practical action steps."
–ROBERT CIALDINI, PHD and author of Influence: Science and Practice

Great leaders can see opportunities where others see only problems...influence outcomes where others are hopelessly stuck...transform their obstacles into powerful advantages. They’ve learned to use levers of power that other executives don’t even know exist.

They are the Advantage-Makers.

And you can be one, too.

Straight from renowned Advantage-Maker consultant Steven Feinberg, this relentlessly practical, hands-on book will show you how. It’s packed with new ideas, techniques, exercises and checklists that will transform the way you view every business challenge…so you can find the winning solutions that are hidden in plain sight!