Work Wanted: Protect Your Retirement Plans in Uncertain Times

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By James Walker and Linda Lewis

Thoroughly grounded in the latest research, Work Wanted brings together pragmatic tools, resources, and checklists boomers can use to build meaningful, productive and professional lives. Work Wanted provides timely information on:

  • The new and lingering myths of retirement—and why they are so dangerous
  • Making more informed decisions about how long one really needs to work, and how much retirement income one really needs
  • How to coax employers into providing greater flexibility—including innovative new "phased retirement" approaches
  • Realistic guidance for building a successful career as a free agent
  • How to transform the rest of one’s life to live well, stay healthy, be more fulfilled—and still pay the bills

Walker and Lewis offer the following tips to help boomers accentuate their strengths and stay relevant in the workplace:

  • Pursue work that fits your capabilities by building on your strengths and avoiding work affected by limitations
  • Tap your experience and expertise that is relevant to, and valued by, your employer
  • Approach work with a constructive and positive attitude
  • Investigate working part-time or exploring flexible hours—this might be a good option depending on your financial needs
  • Consider entrepreneurship and consultant work—this route highlights years of experience and/or offers the opportunity to make a career shift by exploring hidden skills and talents

Together in Work Wanted, Walker and Lewis have drawn on their immense experience to offer practical guidance that reflects the true needs of boomer managers and professionals, and the realistic expectations of today’s employers.