Workforce Crisis: How to Beat the Coming Shortage of Skills and Talent

What Companies Must Do Now to Survive the Impending Talent Crisis

Unprecedented shifts in the age distribution and diversity of the global labor pool are underway. Within the decade, as the massive boomer generation begins to retire and fewer skilled workers are available to replace them, companies in industrialized markets will face a labor shortage and brain drain of dramatic proportions.
Tamara Erickson argues that companies ignore these shifts at great peril. Survival will depend on redefining retirement and transforming management and human resource practices to attract, accommodate and retain workers of all ages and backgrounds. Based on decades of groundbreaking research and study, the authors present innovative and actionable management techniques for leveraging the knowledge of three very different types of workers: working with mature workers, reengaging disillusioned mid-career workers and attracting and retaining talented younger workers.
This timely book will help organizations sustain their competitive edge in tomorrow’s inevitably tighter labor markets.