Future of Work tops September's Biggest HR Articles

Robot dressed in suit indicating AI in the future of work

September was full of informative HR articles on some big subjects within the space.  From the Future of Work to A.I. to improving corporate learning, here are the best HR articles from September 2018.

  1. The Future of Work: Three New HR Roles In The Age of Artificial Intelligence

What will “the new normal” look like for our HR leaders as we approach 2020?  That’s the question Jeanne Meister asks as she looks at the new roles HR will have as the Future of Work continues to develop and change.  She specifically points to three new HR roles that provide a lens into how much HR is being disrupted.  All of them address a common vision:  create a compelling employee experience that mirrors a company’s customer experience.  To read the full article, click here.

  1. Human Resources:  Strategic, Predictive and Cost Effective

HR is a necessary evil! HR is a back office function that neither generates revenue nor adds value! HR always says “no” and is an obstacle to operating the business! HR is expendable! HR is reactive! HR is all about fluff and intangibles! I don’t trust HR! HR doesn’t have strong business acumen or understand technology!  Parkland Health and Hospital System Chief Workforce Officer has heard these statements or ones like them countless times in his career; and he has wholeheartedly disagreed with them equally as many times. Yet they reflect the main struggle of HR executives and the transformation the industry is currently undertaking: how can HR leaders demonstrate results and added value? With the rise of HR digital capabilities, data analytics and strategic workforce planning, HR professionals may now showcase revenue generation and return on investment.  For more, click here.

  1. The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Market Expands

The market for Learning Experience Platforms is expanding rapidly. In fact, Josh Bersin would venture to say the LXP is becoming more of a "set of capabilities" than a product category. In his piece, he explains each capability and how it’s leading to a new set of learning tech market segments.  Click here to read Bersin’s article.

  1. Pros and Cons of Autocratic Leadership

You may not have heard of the term “autocratic leadership,” but you’ve definitely encountered people who lead that way. You may have had a boss who is autocratic, or you may be an autocratic boss yourself. And just like any leadership style, there are good characteristics and bad characteristics of autocratic leadership. Evil HR Lady Suzanne Lucas explains what’s good and what’s bad about autocratic leadership in her piece here.

  1. 5 Takeaways from HR Exchange LIVE:  Corporate Learning

For two days, learning was the focus of conversations amongst HR professionals attending HR Exchange LIVE:  Corporate Learning.  For about six hours over two days (September 19-20), professional logged in to online sessions discussing aligning learning strategy with business goals, how to develop the 21stCentury employee, how leadership is an overlooked component of learning, creating a learning culture that asks employees to own their development, and bridging the divide when it comes to gaps in learning.  To find out what those takeaways were, click here.

REPORT:  HR Exchange:  Corporate Learning


Mason Stevenson
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