Outside the Box: DACA Legal Battle Heats Up & Hurricane Irma Approaches

HREN Staff


Outside the Box brings you quick notes, news, facts and tips that may be outside of the HR box, but should be on your radar. If it’s not useful information, we hope it’s at least entertaining.

Let the countdown begin:

3. The fate of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a big deal for both employers and employees across the U.S. While the President has sent some mixed signals about what exactly he plans to do, some states aren’t waiting to find out and are prepared to sue over the program.

2. Do you want to win some money writing about money? Well, writing fiction about the economy of the future to be more specific. The Economic Security Project is running a speculative fiction contest that can put cash in your pocket. Find out more.

1. Hurricane Harvey devastated southeastern Texas last month, and now Hurricane Irma appears to be heading for Florida. As residents there prepare for the storm, HR professionals can prepare for the issues they’ll face for affected employees before, during and after the storm.

Or, just check out these incredible satellite images of Irma from NASA.

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