Promoting an Inclusive Culture Through Impactful Initiatives for Diversity

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No two companies are alike. Sure, similarities exist, but when it comes down to the details…companies are different entities with different wants and needs. The strategy employed by any company seeking to develop an inclusive culture must be unique to their workforce. The most significant reason points to this fact: a company’s workforce is diverse in its makeup. HR Exchange Network editor Mason Stevenson discussed the promotion of an inclusive culture through impactful initiatives for diversity with Supriya Bahri. Bahri, the VP Global head of Total Rewards and HRIS for Cinemark, will moderate a roundtable discussion on the topic during this year’s Chief Talent Officer Exchange in Orlando, scheduled March 18-20.

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Supriya Bahri is the VP Global head of Total Rewards and HRIS for Cinemark. She is a moderator at the Chief Talent Officer Exchange in Orlando set for March 18-20.