Why YOU should attend HR Exchange LIVE: Talent Management

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Talent management is huge.  That’s why the HR Exchange Network is dedicating two whole days of webinars to the topic. 

HR Exchange LIVE:  Talent Management is scheduled for December 11-12 starting at 12p ET everyday.

Not attending could cost you?

Now that we’ve made the claim, how can we back it up?  A couple of different ways actually.  We start with the first.

Attendees to the event will get credit from the Society for Human Resources Management.  For every session you attend, you will be eligible to receive credit that can be applied through your respective SHRM accreditation needs.

Secondly, the topics.  We’re going to be covering a whole host of subjects.  Some include:

  • Developing the next generation of leaders
  • Building talent management benchmarks
  • Transforming Talent Acquisition to meet business strategy
  • The War for Talent
  • Increasing usage and analysis of talent data and analytics

Still not convinced?  Ok.

The event is free and open to the public.  There is not cost to attend.  Simply sign up and sign in on the day of the event.  There is no charge.  Share the registration link with your co-workers, get them signed up, and signed in on the day of the event.

And since the event is online, you don’t have to travel.  You can essentially stay home in your comfortable clothing and watch the presentations.

If you don’t attend, we’ll send you an On Demand version of the presentation.

If you’re not convinced now… the last reason you’ll lose if you don’t attend is the speaking faculty.

These speakers are the crème de la crème.  Here are just a few:

Elkay Manufacturing CHRO Larry Brand will be discussing retention.  His session description is below:

Piecing together Retention:  How Elkay Manufacturing manufactures the forever employee

Forget the War on Talent.  Consider the War of Retention.  Employees are willing to leave their jobs and look for new places to work if they don’t feel at home with their current employer.  The impact is huge.  Not only do companies lose a wealth of knowledge and experience, but the ROI on development drops along with morale.  So, what can companies offer employees to keep them in the ranks rather than lose them to a competitor?  Elkay Manufacturing Chief Human Resources Officer Larry Brand details his company’s strategy to manufacturing the forever employee.

Rob Ollander-Krane is the Head of Talent Planning and Performace for Gap.  He’ll be focused on taking the pain out of succession planning.  Check out his session description:

Taking the pain out of Succession Planning

When you think of succession planning, does it make you cringe? Are the contentious arguments over whether an employee is in box 8 or 7…making you want to run for the hills? Do your managers only place people in the upper right hand corner of the 9 box because it’s really hard to say someone doesn’t have potential? When an incumbent leaves, do you activate someone on the bench or do your leaders say “I didn’t agree to that?” Well that was our experience… until now. Come hear about Talent Exchange, a new approach to succession planning that will take the pain out of succession planning.

And John Whitaker will be speaking about talent acquisition, specifically how it’s related to hide and seek.

Found you!  Winning the game of Talent Acquisition Hide-and-Seek

From people analytics to employer branding, there are many little intricacies that play into the ability of a company to narrow down its candidate needs and find those individuals who can best fill those needs/rolls.  In this session, John Whitaker, the VP of Talent Acquisition for DentalOne Partners, explains his company’s approach to talent acquisition and details each piece that makes up the larger puzzle.

We’ll also be hosting a panel discussion led by HR Exchange Network contributor Dr. Jeanette Winters.  Her discussion will focus on career development.

Missing out on this event means missing out on loads of information that could actually change the course of your company’s goals and business strategy.  But the good news here is there is plenty of time left sign up for the event.

To register for HR Exchange LIVE:  Talent Management, click here.