Slaying the Dragon: Boosting Organizational Energy and Performance

Taylor Korsak

Individual energy ebbs and flows--leading to high and low productivity cycles. Failure to manage your energy correctly and may cause you to risk falling into traps including inertia, complacency, and frenzied, unfocused activity that only erode the quality of your life.

The same holds true for your entire organization. In Fully Charged, Heike Bruch and Bernd Vogel provide tools and strategies to help you manage your company's collective energy.

The first step in managing that energy is to diagnose your company's "energy state" using the Organizational Energy Matrix. By assessing the intensity (high or low) and the quality (positive or negative) of the energy in your enterprise, you will discover which of four energy states your company is experiencing.

Next, move your company out of dangerous states characterized by complacency, cynicism, aggression, withdrawal, and other perils. By applying these practices mastered by major companies, you can shift your firm into a state of high, positive energy--in which everyone is emotionally engaged, mentally alert, and working swiftly and productively toward critical goals.

In Fully Charged, Bruch and Vogel give leaders practical tools and strategies to boost their organization’s energy, manage it effectively, and sustain high performance. With an intended audience of senior executives, human resources managers, as well as anyone in charge of a team or project, Fully Charged, through extensive research and case studies, offers leaders the tools to unleash and manage their company’s collective human potential.

Podcast based on Fully Charged: How Great Leaders Boost Their Organization’s Energy and Ignite High Performance.