Best Practices in Onboarding: A Global Enterprise Perspective

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Katherine Mehr

Onboarding is becoming more and more critical as organizations face the looming reality of the baby boomer brain drain. Now, more than ever, companies must reevaluate their training to maximize talent and increase performance and productivity.

As the economy proves unstable it is crucial to retain the talent an organization brings in. The key retention tools for onboarding include making the new hire feel comfortable and welcome by enhancing communication and making sure the new hire receives the proper tools and resources, as well as access to required systems. Setting the new hire up for success has direct results on the overall organizational productivity.

IBM Canada is a company that implements outstanding onboarding practices not only on a local level but on a global one as well. e-BIM editor Katherine Mehr speaks with Salvador Segura Ortega, Recruiting Program Manager and Process Owner for IBM Canada, about how his organization leverages onboarding as part of its training process and streamlines its global initiatives.