Creating a Culture of Innovation Personally & Professionally

Katherine Mehr

Creating a culture of innovation is extremely critical for an individual’s success in any organization. Employees that feel a sense of belonging and have the opportunity to be creative and introduce new ideas, have more of the likelihood to excel and prosper within their careers.

Organizations that support the innovation by telling employees "yes you can" and not "no you can’t" will see a direct result in performance. Employees who like their jobs and the environment they work in are more likely to stay, thus reducing turnover.

Human Resources IQ spoke with Nick Charney, Project Manager, Federal Relations & Issues Management for Indian & Northern Affairs Canada at’s Next Generation of Government Summit in July 2010, on creating a culture of innovation. Charney’s journey from the NHL to public sector called for some major changes and ensuring that you always have the ability to enjoy every aspect of your career. Knowing that "Yes you can!"