Cultural Intelligence HR as a Business Partner in Emerging Markets

As companies globalize, HR plays an enormous tactical role in the organization’s expansion. It is crucial for businesses to realize the importance of relations with the host country, especially in emerging markets. HR can be a valuable partner in these strategies. When the organization enters the global stage, the HR department must learn to navigate institutional voids in new markets in order to deliver services effectively.

HR Today speaks with Krishna G. Palepu, author and the Ross Graham Walker Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

This podcast will discuss HR as a strategic partner in navigating emerging markets.You will also learn

  • What sort of strategies have worked in promoting a business’s cultural intelligence as they expand into the global stage
  • What an organization’s HR department can do to help position the organization as a "Partner in Progress" in an emerging market.
  • How the HR function can incorporate economic and social issues of an emerging market into the agenda
  • The institutional voids that must be weighed and considered with regard to talent recruitment and development

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