Effective Management Toolkit: Creating a Motivating Environment

Katherine Mehr

Motivation is used in the workplace to inspire people to work and produce maximum results for the business.

When it comes to creating a motivational environment, managers and leaders have power within their teams to make a difference. If each manager focused on creating that motivation, it would become widespread and have an overall impact on the organization. But, unfortunately, many managers lack the knowledge to create a motivating workplace environment that would leverage productivity and overall organizational success.

A good start to motivating employees is to identify the needs of the individual and the organization. Some key steps to keep in mind when creating a motivational environment are:

1. Having a positive attitude, showing appreciation and acknowledgement to your employees: What kind of energy are you bringing to the team? As a manager your team is looking to you to set the tone not only for the business but for the day as well.

2. Establishing a presence/confidence that you bring to the table: Let people know you are engaged. This ranges from body language you give off to the preparedness and confidence you hold that shows you are engaged in the work.


3. Seeking communication with your employees: Really listen to you employees and have the opportunity to understand and be tuned into emotions and reactions around you. Seeking to understand your employees helps create a motivating environment. It allows you to understand what they need in order to thrive.

4. Building trust and an environment of trust: The best way to build trust is to always have the esteem of your employees at the center of your motivation. If every move you made has their success in mind, you’re half way there.

5. Setting clear expectations: You have the ability as a leader to set all kinds of policies in your work environment. Make sure you adhere to the expectations created and don’t involve yourself in strategies that are giving the wrong messages. Don’t cave in!

In the podcast business coach and advisor Donna Rawady discusses in detail with Human Resources IQ how to create a motivating environment in the workplace that will leverage productivity and overall organizational success.