Effective Management Toolkit: Creating a Workplace Team

Katherine Mehr

In this podcast employee engagement specialist Renêe Cormier shares with Human Resources IQ how to effectively build a workplace team and increase employee motivation.

Many business leaders talk about creating teams within their organization, but few understand how to actually build an effective team. In order to develop a team, there must be a clear understanding of the organizational objectives and how the team can contribute to reaching those goals.


Workplace teams can be viewed like your favorite sports team. Sports teams gather to achieve a common goal. In doing so, they become united, creating ground rules and setting goals that help increase their performance and success. They meet on a regular basis to discuss strategy and techniques for improvement—share ideas and benchmark off one another.

So what’s so different about workplace teams? Not much except perhaps the actual setting. Workplace teams, when implemented effectively, should run like sports teams.

Being part of a team means going beyond individual expectations and requirements and participating in the bigger picture. It means, it’s not all about "you." Team members not only tend to their specific job functions, they take that function and apply it to the overall objective. This leads to both individual and organizational success.