Effective Management Toolkit: Giving Negative Employee Feedback in a Positive Way

Katherine Mehr

There comes a time when every leader at some point will have to assess the performance of their employees, whether in a quarterly, annual or even on a daily basis. And unfortunately, leaders can deliver feedback that make their employees feel awful at times.

Without strategic approaches to delivering negative feedback, leaders run the risk of causing their employees to become de-motivated, unappreciated and ultimately unproductive, having a direct result on the organization’s performance.

Feedback is a tool that helps us celebrate successes and improve strengths. By taking the right steps to communicating your point of view, whether it be positive or negative, it gives others insight and an advantage on their ongoing work performance.

Sonia Di Maulo, Feedback Enthusiast for ReadyToFeedback.com, discusses with Human Resources IQ tips and techniques on how to deliver the bad reviews and feedback to employees in a more motivating and positive way.

Some key points in this podcast include:

1. Tips to relay messages positively
2. Investing in "rubber suits"
3. The 3 plus 1 rule
4. Avoiding legal issues