Facebook: An Employer's Secret Recruiting Weapon

Katherine Mehr

Social media as a whole has soared over the past few years. Originally social media sites such as Myspace, Facebook and Twitter were designed for individuals to connect and share information. More recently, companies have leveraged this tool and applied it to their recruiting strategies as a way to source top talent for their organization.

However, most recently in the news the topic of social media as a recruiting/tracking source has been questioned. After speaking with NFL Personnel prior to the draft on April 26th, YAHOO SPORTS disclosed that the NFL had been creating fake Facebook accounts to track prospects for the draft.


Though this has stirred up quite a debate on whether it is legal, fair or immoral, creating fake Facebook profiles, or "ghosting," is not new. Though employers do not "ghost," they have used Facebook as a recruiting/tracking source for some time now.

Johnny Taylor Jr., President and CEO of Rushmoredrive.com, shares with Human Resources IQ his position on how employers searching for top talent can benefit from using such social media.