Getting the Most Out of Learning: Maximizing Your Employees Growth and Development Opportunities

Katherine Mehr

The healthcare industry is equipped with workers who have a very precise skill set. Some of these skills are so specific to the trade that it makes it almost impossible for workers to move up in the career ladder in a single organization.

Without that opportunity to advance professionally, retention and turnover become a huge issue. In addition the economic situation makes this even more of a challenge.

The nature of the healthcare industry is that there will always be ups and downs in the recruiting and retention areas. However, today healthcare is at its peak due to the wealth of talent available—but unfortunately the talent may not come with specific skill sets for the job role.

Organizations need to secure top talent, and in doing so they must leverage the learning opportunities offered to current employees. In order to help employees grow and develop, it is critical that they have the opportunity to move laterally within the organization and be introduced to new learning objectives to increase their knowledge and skills.

Robin Hollis, Senior Director, Learning and Development and Deborah Maust-Martin, Senior Director of Professional Practice and Development for Banner Health, discuss with Human Resources IQ how they have incorporated their employees into the learning and training process in order to target their growth and development needs.