What Is A Good Company?

HRIQ is joined once again by Dr. Laurie Bassi. Bassi has co-authored a new book called Good Company. According to Good Company, "Most companies haven’t fully achieved 'good' status yet; most have advanced part of the way down the continuum toward being a good company. And even the most advanced companies still have multiple areas where they can improve."

Through a "Good Company Index," the authors rank each of the Fortune 100 companies on the continuum, assigning a Good Company grade, from A to F, to each. They gathered data from multiple sources about company actions with respect to their employers, customers, community, and environment.

This podcast will discuss:

  • The "Worthiness Era" and the elements that led to these conditions
  • How to differentiate the "good" companies from the bad
  • The relationship between business practices and shareholder value?
  • Practices that profoundly enhance shareholder value, but can also increase the worklives of employees
  • The most important thing a company can do to become a "good company"