Growing Leaders from Within: Developing Critical Leadership Talent

Katherine Mehr

The history of leadership development for Raytheon was one of an extremely decentralized focus. One that had no consistency between the content, the focus and the skills of the programs. Each business unit was responsible for creating their own program, therefore leaving employees with broken opportunities.

Over the past few years, Dr. Lynn Schmidt, Director of Learning & Talent Management at Raytheon, and her team have since created a consistent leadership development program that was implemented across the entire company in each business unit in the same manner, based on a competency model. By implementing this structured approach to leadership development, competencies are identified that are critical for the company, giving the leaders an opportunity to grow properly. When employees move across the company in different job roles, they are then given the same leadership message in a clear, consistent manner.


In this podcast, Schmidt discusses how to:

1. Develop one leadership development program that will work for groups of 50 to 500 that is not cost prohibitive.

2. Create a fluid leadership development program design in a "cafeteria style" format aligned with leadership competencies.

3. Implement a program "within a program" designed to accelerate the development of high potential leaders.