HR & Organizational Development - Egypt

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Allan Hoving

Mr. Medhat Al Madany, President of the Egyptian Human Resource Management Association, will be delivering the keynote address at IQPC’s HR & Organizational Development Week Egypt, to be held September 26-29, in Cairo. Mr. Medhat has acquired a solid expertise in the fields of Organization, Management and Human Resources development during his long and successful career inside and outside Egypt. In addition to his leadership roles in numerous Professional Associations, Medhat is the founder and CEO of ProMark Corporation Ltd., one of the leading firms in Egypt in the people industry. Prior to establishing ProMark, he worked as Middle East Director of Human Resources of Bristol-Myers Squibb and as Personnel Manager Worldwide of National Bank of Abu Dhabi.

In this podcast interview, Medhat discusses the current state of the HR profession in Egypt, its development over the past 15 years, some of the major HR issues facing the region, cultural perspectives and considerations, and some of the challenges ahead.