Let's Talk Talent!: An Interview with Jeff Kinnison, Tempur-Pedic

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Allie Herzog

Jeff Kinnison, Director of Organizational Development for Tempur -Pedic, believes that in these complicated times, one of the biggest challenges within talent management is employee engagement.

Most employees seek to be engaged and inspired by their work, but this doesn’t happen by accident or through magic. That responsibility falls not only in the hands of the management team, but the employees as well. Employees want to have job fulfillment; however, to have this, they need to be conscience of their needs and fully understand them. Employees must be proactive, should management be disengaged, and seek clarity on what their job needs are in order to maximize their own engagement.

Kinnison shares with IQPC and Human Resources IQ his strategies on leadership, as well as attracting and retaining talent.