Leveraging the Changing Recruiting Landscape to Hire & Retain the Best Talent Possible

Katherine Mehr

"There is no shortage of Talent!" said Eric Winegardner, Vice President of Client Adoption for Monster.com.

Winegardner, a recruiter by trade, has been involved in the recruiting world for quite some time, from working behind a desk to managing recruiting initiatives for Fortune 500 organizations.

So when Winegardner says there’s no shortage of talent…do we concur? According to Winegardner, it’s not an opinion, but a fact that there are nearly 15 million unemployed workers. And you can find a good chunk of those unemployed workers hanging around on social media sites.


What a great place for recruiters to source new talent! These social media sites are places where individuals and organizations can engage with one another and share content, ideas and personalities.

Winegardner says social media helps us engage and create a two-way dialogue with these potential candidates or interested individuals, to figure out whether they are worthy of employing or at least worthy of talking with. Social media is less about identifying the talent than it is proving that the talent is commendable of our jobs.

And by tailoring your recruitment efforts via social media, you will gain the competitive edge to secure top talent in a more efficient and effective manner.

Though many of the social media sites available are free, time is not. So it is suggested that you make are strategic in your recruiting efforts via these channels. Winegardner advises to engage with the audience you already have and create those relationships. The talent you are looking for may be right at your fingertips or just a click away.

Eric Winegardner discusses with Human Resources IQ:

1. The shift from recruiting to sourcing.
2. The challenges that lie ahead and how to overcome them.
3. Why social media is important for recruiting today more than ever.
4. The best ways to engage potential candidates via social media.
5. How to keep up with rapid technology changes and how that affects recruiting efforts via social media.