Making the Connection: Inspiring Leaders and Engaging Talent For Superior Performance

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Google recently announced their research Project Oxygen, which revealed a number of behaviors identified as exemplifying effective management. Managers of the most productive teams realize the value of employees that feel connected, and take initiatives to help talent feel engaged and achieve their full potential.

There are a few key elements that bring about connection in the workplace and encourage talent to bring their best to the organization, creating a corporate environment that promotes the free exchange of creativity and ideas.

Human Resources iQ speaks with Michael Lee Stallard and Jason Pankau, authors of Fired Up or Burned Out. The authors identify the challenges managers encounter when forging the connection necessary to help their employees achieve sustainable superior performance.

This podcast will discuss:

- Tools that can be used to help a company evaluate and measure their relationship excellence.
- How top companies are using relationship excellence to propel their long-term goals.
- What connects and inspires employees to give their best efforts to the organization.