Pain-free Succession Planning

When you think of succession planning, does it make you cringe? Are the contentious arguments over whether an employee is in box 8 or 7…making you want to run for the hills? Do your managers only place people in the upper right hand corner of the 9 box because it’s really hard to say someone doesn’t have potential? When an incumbent leaves, do you activate someone on the bench or do your leaders say “I didn’t agree to that?” Well that was Gap, Inc's experience… until now. Head of Talent Planning and Performance for Gap and HR Exchange LIVE:  Talent Management speaker Rob Ollander-Krane discusses the company's new approach to succession planning and how it takes the pain out of succession planning.


If you want to know more hear more about this, Ollander-Krane is scheduled to speak during the HR Exchange LIVE:  Talent Management online event.  It's set for December 11-12, 2018.  It’s absolutely free to attend.  And easy too.  You sign up online, so no travel involved.  In addition to Ollander-Krane, other great speakers are lined up including Larry Brand, the Chief Human Resources Officer for Elkay Manufacturing.


Mason Stevenson
HR Exchange Network
Rob Ollander-Krane
Head of Talent Planning and Performance
Gap, Inc.