Power: Why Some People Have It--And Others Don't

HR Today is joined by Jeffrey Pfeffer. Professor Pfeffer is the author of the book Power, and a Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

It’s a subject that we don’t necessarily like to talk about, but "power" is important for career success. It may be the most important characteristic a leader can have. Research shows that power is also related to a variety of other desirable outcomes, including: wealth, effectiveness, and even longevity. Managers need to acquire power and understand how to do so.

This podcast will talk about how you can obtain influence and help to get others on board with your business agenda. We will also discuss:

  • Which motivating factor is most effective?
  • What exactly is power, and what do the most powerful managers do several things to advance their agendas?
  • A case study of how someone with all the other right ingredients—clear vision, solid understanding of customer needs, and a strong plan—still held very little influence, and how she turned this around.
  • Is it more important for a leader to be likeable or influential?
  • What are the most common barriers to assembling a power base that may keep important agendas from being pushed through?