Reinventing Talent Management: How to Maximize Performance in the New Marketplace

Katherine Mehr

People—and the value they create—are the lifeblood of your organization.

Imagine having at your command a powerful new model for managing talent, one that creates measurable value, keeps people focused on agreed-upon goals, pinpoints capabilities needs and enables you to manage talent so that everyone in your organization has the ability to continually contribute to your competitive success. At a time when the pressure to perform has never been greater, author Bill Schiemann discusses in his book Reinventing Talent Management the model that he created to use and impact the key areas of talent management.

Today, a host of economic, cultural, technological, generational, and political forces are converging to change the way people and their organizations relate.

The traditional methods of talent management are more likely to lead your organization to mediocrity than success. The healthiest businesses are those that have adopted new ways to manage talent and in the process build corporate cultures that unite people behind the singular goal of value creation.

By connecting value, strategy, and people, Schiemann identifies three make-or-break factors that contribute to both organizational and individual success. These three factors—Alignment, Capabilities, and Engagement (ACE)—are keys to maximizing the value contribution of your people to your most critical organizational goals.

Schiemann discusses with Human Resources IQ the importance of creating a workforce that is aligned with your organizational strategy, delivers superior products and services to customers and is fully engaged in meeting your goals.

*Adapted from Reinventing Talent Management