Shipping Effective Onboarding to a Global Workforce - Oct 15,2008

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Katherine Mehr

When new employees complete their first week on the job, the first question they are asked by friends and family is "Do you like your new job?" A majority say yes. The goal of employers is to make sure that after six months, a year and so on, the employees still feel the same way. And one way to retain employees and leverage engagement is to properly onboard them.

Organizations use onboarding to introduce, train, integrate and coach new hires about the culture and methods of the company. Employees need to be welcomed properly, valued, prepared and—most importantly—set up for success. After all, a good first impression can only be made once.

FedEx Kinko’s International is a company that sets its new hires up for success with its stellar onboarding program. e-BIM editor Katherine Mehr speaks with Bob Hurley, senior manager of Learning and Development for FedEx Kinko’s International, about his onboarding processes, best practices and techniques to streamline global initiatives.