Six Key Tips for Tying Workforce Strategy to Corporate Strategy Within the Healthcare Industry

Katherine Mehr

There's no doubt that the healthcare industry is approaching a serious talent crisis. While the economic environment has caused baby boomers to delay retirement and has brought vacancies down, the situation is only temporary.

In the midst of this economic crisis, Martin Memorial hospital, unlike other industries outside of healthcare, has maintained stability. The economic challenges have caused employees to remain where they are. With this unique outcome, Martin Memorial took advantage of the opportunity to focus on learning in order to grow the skills of their employees. The objective was to engage their employees during the hard times and help them develop their skills while increasing patient satisfaction and quality.


According to Amy Barry, Chief Human Resources Officer, though Martin Memorial hospital had stability in some areas, it did experience challenges in others. The major challenge was identifying the weaknesses in management teams and finding ways to develop them. Barry stresses the importance of having the right people in the right place and the right time to leverage success, quality and satisfaction of all internal and external clients.With the economy making a turnaround in the near future, now is the perfect time to re-examine your HR strategy to ensure that your recruitment, development and retention tactics are best in class and prepared for the upswing.

Barry discusses with Human Resources IQ methods to tie workforce strategy to corporate strategy and the they lessons learned along the way.