Strategic Tips for Creating a Personal and Employer Brand

Katherine Mehr

Competition for talent is heating up for many industries. In the public sector, there is an increasing trend in the recruitment of Gen Y’s and it is extremely critical that agencies position themselves as an attractive and committed employer to work for.

Branding is extremely important for many organizations and can be considered the backbone of the recruiting strategy. Effective brands are mirrors of a company’s culture, value and purpose.

The public sector struggles against stereotypes such as being stodgy, bureaucratic and lazy, and many times are highlighted in the public eye during a crisis or problem situation. When creating an effective and attractive brand, all organizations, both public and private must create a positive message—giving your trademark to the entire world.

The key to branding is to establish an excellent reputation within your professional circle. You can not expect people to know who you are or what you offer unless you know what you are offering.

Lily Whiteman, author of How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job, and Senior Science Writer at a Federal Agency, discusses with Human Resources IQ strategic tips for creating a personal and employer brand. Whiteman will be speaking at’s Next Generation of Government Summit, taking place July 6 & 7th in Arlington, Va.